Villa Dendron

The Villa Dendron is located in the old-established village Ag. Marina, around 900 meters from the sea. From the international airportĀ the drive is only about 15 minutes. We would suggest a rental car, so you are flexible in your vacation.

When you leave the airport just go on theĀ 62, go straight across the interchange. From the airport you go about 6,5 kilometers straight then turn left on the Leoforos Koropiou-Aerodromiou. After 900 meters you go left again on the Leoforos Varis-Koropiou and follow this road 2,2 kilometers until you drive hard left on the Leoforos Agias Marinas-Koropiou. You follow this road for 6,7 kilometers until you go right on Agiou Nektariou ston Oikismo Agias Marinas. Now you drive straight directly onto the Themistokleous and turn left. From here you take the second right and drive to the Villa Dendron. You find the villa on the right side behind a silver steel gate.